BuzzShout is Yelp for Web 2.0 Companies

BuzzShout, which went live yesterday, is a collaborative review site for new web companies. Some people are going to think this is useless, and a few will have a ton of fun with it. If you have something to say to or about a web 2.0 company, this is the place to do it.

Anyone can suggest a new company (and there are a few already). The process includes stating the company name and URL, uploading a logo, writing a description and adding tags to describe the company and its industry. Submissions go through a moderator before being posted.

Once a company is included in BuzzShout, any member can review it. A review consists of a 1-5 star rating and some free content. .

Companies can be sorted by tags, “shouts” or ratings. RSS feeds are available for everything. Overall, the service is pretty buttoned up.

It’s an intelligent way to take audience commentary and aggregate it in a tangible way through rankings, etc. On the downside, it is easily gamed, particularly until a very large audience is established to drown out the employees touting their own service, or competitors trashing it.

Steve Rubel thinks it’s a good idea too. Let’s all check back in a month and see what the content looks like.

Random thought: I think it’s interesting that James Yu, the creator, did not include BuzzShot as a company that can be reviewed on BuzzShot. I’m sure we’ll see it soon.