Pixrat Bookmarks Photos

Bangalore based Pixrat, founded by three ex-Yahoo employees, is Del.icio.us for photos.

Functionality is straightforward: add their bookmarklet to your browser, and when you are on a page with photos and you’d like to bookmark one of them, click the bookmarklet and follow the steps to choose the photo and tag it. Photos can be sorted by recency or popular, or searched by tag. If you see a picture bookmarked on Pixrat that you like, you can click to bookmark it in your account and add your own tags.

That’s it. Pretty simple. I like stuff like this – If I was doing photo based research, this would be a very useful tool. What it needs: RSS feeds for tags, user accounts, and the popular and new categories. Why isn’t it there already?

Note that previously profiled Dabble (bookmarking of media files) says they’ll be going into the photo space as well. More on Pixrat from Jordan Running and Pete Cashmore. Pixrat blog is here.