CoComment visit to Silicon Valley

Switzerland based CoComment has developed a cult-like following just a few weeks after its launch. Founders Nicolas Dengler and Marco Chong, as well as investor Jan Reinhart, visited silicon valley last week to talk to potential partners, San Hill Road investors and, well, at least one blogger.

CoComment allows users to track comments they’ve left on blogs in one centralized place. In effect, CoComment keeps a blog of your distributed comments. They now boast up to 100,000 daily visitors to the site – again, after just a few weeks of being live. For more on cocomment, see my earlier reviews here and here in February.

The company is a project funded by Swisscom Innovations, and all of the founding team originally worked at Swisscom.

Nicolas, Marco and Jan talked about some of the upcoming features they will be launching as well. They have received some recent criticism because users can only track comments from blog posts that they have actually commented on, and only comments left by other cocomment users are shown. New competitor Co.mments, which I wrote about here, goes a step further and allows users to track all comments on any blog post by simply clicking a bookmarket. CoComment says they’ll have similar features very soon. CoComment has other features in the pipeline as well, which will be announced soon.