TalkCrunch: Podcast with Amazon S3 Grid Storage Team

Episode 3 of TalkCrunch is up. We invited in two key Amazon S3 team members, Adam Selipsky (VP of Product Management and Developer Relations for Amazon Web Services) and Dave Barth (Product Manager for S3), to talk about Amazon’s exciting new Grid Storage web service.

As I wrote previously, S3 provides a terrific opportunity for startups with great ideas for a storage user interface to avoid building a back end storage infrastructure. Amazon is offering extremely low pricing and a very dependable infrastructure. For some people, S3 will allow them to launch a service that they otherwise couldn’t have built.

Nik Cubrilovic, the CEO of startup Omnidrive, was co-host of the show (as was Keith Teare) and we tried to convince him, unsuccesfully, to switch to S3 for the back-end of his storage.

Talkcrunch continues to do well after its first three shows. It is currently included in the iTunes “new and notable” section and is on of the top 20 technology podcasts (as of right now it is #12).