Firefox 2.0 Alpha Released

An early alpha release of Firefox 2.0 has been quietly released. I don’t care if it is an alpha, it has to be more stable than v.1.5. I’ve downloaded it and its working swimmingly so far on my Mac. In fact I am writing this post with it. The only problem so far is that it is incompatible with a screen grab plugin that I like to use.

Firefox 2.0 is also available in Windows and Linux flavors, so have at it.

Now here’s something interesting – I recorded a podcast this morning with Reid Hoffman, CEO of Linkedin and a member of the board of directors of Mozilla, and he didn’t mention a thing about this. Bad Reid, bad. :-)

Note that this is not available on the main Firefox site, only at the link in the first sentence of this post above.

Nik has previously posted on his own blog about his frustrations with Firefox 1.5, not only the issues with plug-in’s not being compatible, but also the memory leak issues (which are known issues to the developers). Read more on Nik’s post here.

Note: One new thing that is going to take some getting used to is the “x” close tab button right on the tab header instead of off to the right where it used to be. I’ve hit it accidentally twice now, and lost a bit of unsaved work on my Skylook post above.