Web 2.0 Time Tracker: 14Dayz

14Dayz is a Netherlands based company that is still in private beta, although I’ve had a chance to test it out. It does one thing, and well: time tracking. It allows multiple project, categories and subcategories, and multiple users. Reports can be viewed in the browser, or exported in excel or pdf format.

Pricing isn’t cheap. There is a free unlimited version that is restricted to a single project, which isn’t much help for people with multiple clients they are tracking. Pricing for the premium plans ranges up to $99 per month.

The site is still in beta and needs some work before they launch. Saul Weiner, another beta tester, has posted a couple of helpful suggestions and I agree with him – navigation is poor, and I don’t like having to leave the main screen for things like new category creation. The back end seems solid, though.

One other feature that is really needed is billing. The report has total time, but there is no way to associate a project or hourly fee to that time, nor is there an invoicing function. Building something like Blinksale into this would make it significantly more useful.