Goowy to add Web IM, File Sharing

Goowy is turning into a lot more than just another ajax/flash home page – its a full on desktop platform that is shaping up to be the best competitor to Microsoft’s

I’ve written about Goowy, which is Flash based, a number of times (scroll down after clicking link), and had a chance to see a current product demo at an event last week.

Goowy is now preparing to roll out additional functionality, including integrated instant messaging (look out Meebo) and online storage (via a partnership with, using box’s new API). If you are a Goowy user, look for these features to be included with your account over the next couple of weeks.

Instant Messaging

Goowy is releasing instant messaging functionality to its users. It will work with Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ and any Jabber client. There is also a Goowy to Goowy IM network, and the IM is integrated into file sharing, email, etc. Web based IM is definitely the “in” thing right now, with Gtalkr, Google, Meebo, e-messenger and Mabber with their own product offerings. For Goowy, this is yet another feature to give users an excuse to move to them for a full desktop experience.

File Storage

Goowy has integrated with’s API to offer customers the ability to upload and store files with the Goowy service. Theres a limit on file size – 5 mb – that’s too small, although they are giving users a full 1 GB for free. Files may be shared with a group of friends or publicly, and folders and sub folders, as well as file tagging, is supported. They have also integrated a Flash media player to play music files directly on Goowy. Goowy is also offering premium accounts with more storage and no file size limitations.

As Goowy continues to roll out new high end features, users are steadily migrating to the site (see Alexa chart). The revenue play for them is (in addition to premium features) to get users to stick to the site for a long time, checking email, using the calendar, instant messaging, etc. This stickiness can generate a lot of ad impressions, and revenue, for the company.