Fox Announces Acquistion; Exclusive Video

During an interview that I conducted at the Under the Radar event this afternoon, Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive, announced that they had acquired one of the 32 companies that presented at the event. He would not, however, say which company it was.

Fox Interactive, a division of News Corp., aquired three companies last year, including MySpace, for a total of $1.3 billion. They have earmarked a further $2 billion for future acquisitions.

Ross also said that he wouldn’t be surprised if “Fox acquired at least five of the companies in the room” soon. Dan Farber, who was first to write about this, confirmed with Ross that it is not MySpace competitor Tagged. That narrows it down to 31 targets:

Below is exclusive video footage of the interview (taken by Keith Teare). The first snippet is Ross saying that he’s acquired someone in the room. The second is footage of his statement that they could acquire 5 more companies in the near future.