Get Concert Info + Music at Podbop

Podbop launched today, and for music lovers it may be the most interesting mashup we’ve seen yet. They’ve combined concert events from eventful and mashed the data up with band sites that include downloadable music.

The result? search for any city in the U.S. (hopefully this will soon expand to become a worldwide service) and get results (including RSS for future events) that include all upcoming live music and links to download music supplied by the band. If the band has no music available, Podbop will show a blogdigger search for that artist along with the eventful data.

Here’s the best part. Subscribe to any search (Los Angeles, CA, for example), and the MP3 files are included as enclosures in the RSS feed.

The service is new and data is limited. But look for this to be a cult favorite. And if they release an API, look to see Podbop’s data mashed up with other services, too.

In the meantime, I’ve subscribed to the San Francisco feed.