Songbird to Launch Tonight

Songbird, the eagerly anticipated new media browser and web player built on the Mozilla (Firefox) engine, will launch (for Windows) later tonight or this morning (unless it doesn’t, CEO Rob Lord tells me :-) ). Mac and linux will come later.

Exclusive screen shots are below.

Since songbird is a web browser in addition to a media player, user will be able to browse web sites. If audio files are embedded in the site, they will be displayed separately and can be played, downloaded, included in playlists, etc.

Songbird plays the Web. Songbird may view Web pages as playlists of MP3s. Soon, Web page authors may publish playlists and transfer MP3s into Songbird in support of digital music stores like eMusic, music subscription services like Yahoo! Music Unlimited, virtual jamming services like Ninjam, playlist sharing services like WebJay and more

Because Songbird is built on the Mozilla platform it will be fully extensible by third parties with minimal developer skills – XML, CSS and Javascript. Extensions will work across all platforms – windows, mac and linux. Songbird is also open source and developers may modify the source code.

Initially supported formats include MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC and others.