CoComment: Tracking Your Blog Comments

CoComment is experimenting with a new way for people to keep track of all of the comments they leave on various blogs.

To use CoComment, a user must install a bookmarklet on their browser and use that bookmarklet, instead of the blog interface, to leave a comment. Users then have a centralized place where all comments are located, and can push that content onto their own blogs with a widget. Commenters are also notified as the conversation continues, so they do not have to continue to go back to the original post. See the “learn more” area of CoComment for more information on this.

It hasn’t launched yet, but Robert Scoble is already impressed.

I may disagree on this one. The idea is great, but I don’t want to have to use a third party service to actually leave the comment. Also, the service does not centralize my trackback comments (comments I choose to leave by posting on my own blog). And I wonder how well it will actually work across all of the various blog platforms.

Nevertheless, the core idea is a great one, and I would very much like to view all of my comments, and other bloggers’ comments, on one centralized page.