ZoomTags and Commercial Tag Clouds

ZoomTags, based in Sunnyvale, California, is a professional implementation of the commericial tagcloud idea introduced by 1000Tags, which I wrote about earlier this month.

ZoomTags is an API-based solution and allows blogs and other websites to place a commercial tagcloud on their sites. Like 1000Tags, Zoomtags allows advertisers to bid on tags or keywords in a tag cloud. When someone clicks on a tag, they see a set of advertiser results. This are Adsense type ads in a tagcloud.

Website owners will have a variety of tagclouds to choose from.

ZoomTags, which is part of ZoomGroups, already has a fairly established advertiser network that has been in place since 1999.

Nothing, of course, stops Yahoo and Google from implementing a similar interface if this proves to be a better way for some sites to serve ads.