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SpongeCell is a new Ajax calendar built on the Ruby on Rails platform. In addition to the now-ubiquitous drag and drop interface, Spongecell is adding artificial intelligence aspects to turn natural language into structured calendar entries, and has a nice mobile interface. More information is here. Spongecell is having an open launch party on Wednesday, February 1, 2006 in San Francisco.

Ajax calendars are faily commonplace now (they are kissing cousins to Ajax home pages as far as I’m concerned) and seem to be breeding just as prolifically. My list now includes:

Renkoo, Skobee and Zimbra also touch this space.

  • Andy

    > Salesforce can provide tomorrow’s Azure services today

    That’s perhaps a slightly rash comment. Their platform is highly proprietary, and lacks the full power of .NET which Azure will give. The comparison should instead perhaps be with Dynamics Online, with which Microsoft have confidently undercut Salesforce on price (though lacks all Salesforce’s features).

    Even Microsoft’s offerings look open compared with a walled garden like Salesforce?! But I do give them great credit for providing a clever and user friendly CRM platform that’s available now.

  • Harish

    I wish this post was more detailed. It is more like a press release not a blog post.

    • http://www.CoolProducts.com Cool Products

      I would definitely like to know more about this, but this post is very vague. After reading the comments though, it does not look like I need to waste any time researching this product.

    • Shawn

      I also found this article to be really difficult to read.

  • Mike

    As a SalesForce.com user (power user of CRM), I can honestly say it is a fairly worthless product. I find it very useless and seriously wonder why people like it. I have used several platforms and in reality they are just ACT! on the web, with group support.

    SalesForce.com has not made me one bit more productive.

  • brian

    Azure, Office for Web…all these recently announcements from Microsoft is fairly ambitious. If they maintain a good quality (and just not think of minting money), it might quite work. I have a feeling MS might succeed big time. Except for Google/Apple, I do not see any threat from anybody else whatsoever.


    • Alex

      Let me get this straight, if MS “..maintain a good quality …it might quite work.” ???


  • Adam

    @Harish: i was thinking the same thing

  • forcenot

    Can you transform a station wagon into a sportscar into a minivan using same azel..no. Salesforce product is half baked and in this economy…why are they taking their eyes off the ball?????

    • Harold Goth

      Good point. Chase too many rabbits you catch none of them. Chase one and you are always most certain to catch it.

  • www.iboozi.com

    Why we are commenting here if we haven’t any reason?

  • http://www.wecando.biz Ian Hendry

    I agree with the assertions that Salesforce.com is chasing too many rabbits. In my opinion it doesn’t do CRM especially well and should have got that game moved on before running off to start another. Their churn on the core offerings is pretty high.

    The only real area where Salesforce,com innovates is marketing spend. That got them the users they have today, but the problem is the ones they have don’t really care too much about the rest of the stuff.

    Ian Hendry
    CEO, WeCanDo.BIZ

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  • b

    How are they charging for this? That will determine success/failure.

  • Bryce

    We are actually in the process of moving off Salesforce to Dynamics. Salesforce has some nice features sales people, but as a platform and CRM application it just comes up way short in comparison.
    Also we are just paying way too much for Salesforce, and the API and storage limites are far too low for our requirements.

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