Bookmarks integrated into Google Toolbar

Google added bookmarks to version 4 of its Internet Explorer Toolbar (note that this is not available for their Firefox Toolbar). Google Bookmarks have been available since October on the Google site, but were not integrated into the toolbar until now.

Bookmarking is done via a popup from the toolbar that allows naming of the bookmark and any number of tags. A bookmark can be edited as well.

Google Bookmarks have no “social” or sharing feature. And while it is disappointing that bookmarks are not available yet for Firefox, I will say that the interface in IE is excellent. In addition to setting tags, users can access bookmarks directly from the toolbar via a drop down menu containing chosen tags.

I’ve been very hard on Google products recently (and their product strategy). And while I could criticize them for releasing this only in IE, I won’t. This is a great bookmarking product, interesting features can be added down the road, and many users will find it useful.

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