Rent your Parking Space at Car Harbor

Car Harbor, which is still being developed and is far from launch (the link is to the blog), is going to solve a very common and frustrating real world problem – finding a parking space in a crowded city.

CarHarbor’s Mission

CarHarbor wants to tap into the everyday frustrations we all face when it comes to parking our cars. We are developing an online tool that can resolve those frustrations. CarHarbor should demonstrate that reasonable people can cooperate to benefit their community and themselves.

We want to engage you in this process so that our solutions can be highly responsive to the diverse set of parking problems people face. Our initial focus is on San Francisco, where we’re based, but our interests are national if not global in nature too.

Here’s how it will work: If you have a parking spot that you know you don’t need (like a driveway, during the working hours when you know you will be away from home), you can enter it into the network along with a price. People looking for a spot in a neighborhood can use their mobile phones to find local spots, and pay straight for it from their account.


Car Harbor will launch first in San Francisco, and then roll out fast to other cities before the idea can be “borrowed”. I am looking forward to using this the next time I am up in the city for a baseball game.

Advisors include Craig Newmark, Jim Lazarus and Scott Rafer.