Nuvvo Takes on Open Source Moodle

The online Learning Management System space is set to grow massively over the coming years as more and more education takes place on the web. Nuvvo launched a few days ago with an interesting service in this market.

Nuvvo, which is free, allows educators to create courses with an great Ajax interface (watching the tour makes me realize how useful Ajax can be with applications like this). There are also modules to assist with charging students for the course (if the educator chooses to charge), create tests, grade, etc. The hard work goes into creating the content, not figuring out how to use Nuvvo.

Current courses are listed here. Nuvvo makes money from ads and by taking 8% of any course fees set by the educator.

Since 2000, Moodle has been a popular open source choice in this space. However, Moodle requires a server installation whereas Nuvvo is a web application. Moodle also generally requires more techical expertise, while Nuvvo does a lot more hand-holding. A Nuvvo executive prepared a comparison chart of the two solutions with additional information.

What I haven’t been able to do is review an actual course, which requires an application.