Help Me Pick the SXSW Pass Winner

Last Saturday I wrote a post to give away a free pass to the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin this March. I asked interested people to leave a comment on the post describing why they want the pass, and what they think they will get out of the conference.

Requests had to be in by midnight last night, and I am now presenting the seven applications that I think are the best for a vote. I am running this poll until midnight Friday PST.

Please vote for who you think is the best applicant. Most people wrote serious requests and I’d like to include all of them in the poll, but I’m limited to seven (maximum that can be included in the poll service). When I had to cut for no other reason, I favored women over men because they are under represented in technology. Also, a couple of good applications came in after the deadline. I would have liked to include those as well, but I set the rules in advance and don’t feel comfortable changing them. Thank you very much to everyone who asked for the pass.

These are in the order comments were received:

  1. Andrew – Posted immediately, is broke and 15 years old.
  2. Tim – Writes the Boycott Sony blog. Enough said.
  3. Lena – thoughtful post, would choose SXSW over a vacation
  4. Serge – Likes Santana, the Cure and the Clash, which means he’s very, very cool
  5. Chris – Family guy with two kids, wants to learn more about technology
  6. Ryan – Another broke student, and can use this to also see his family
  7. Dana – works for unfunded company, has a podcast

Vote here (note that you need to scroll down for the last three):
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By the way, I am using dpolls for this poll, which I wrote about here.