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Last Saturday I wrote a post to give away a free pass to the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin this March. I asked interested people to leave a comment on the post describing why they want the pass, and what they think they will get out of the conference.

Requests had to be in by midnight last night, and I am now presenting the seven applications that I think are the best for a vote. I am running this poll until midnight Friday PST.

Please vote for who you think is the best applicant. Most people wrote serious requests and I’d like to include all of them in the poll, but I’m limited to seven (maximum that can be included in the poll service). When I had to cut for no other reason, I favored women over men because they are under represented in technology. Also, a couple of good applications came in after the deadline. I would have liked to include those as well, but I set the rules in advance and don’t feel comfortable changing them. Thank you very much to everyone who asked for the pass.

These are in the order comments were received:

  1. Andrew – Posted immediately, is broke and 15 years old.
  2. Tim – Writes the Boycott Sony blog. Enough said.
  3. Lena – thoughtful post, would choose SXSW over a vacation
  4. Serge – Likes Santana, the Cure and the Clash, which means he’s very, very cool
  5. Chris – Family guy with two kids, wants to learn more about technology
  6. Ryan – Another broke student, and can use this to also see his family
  7. Dana – works for unfunded company, has a podcast

Vote here (note that you need to scroll down for the last three):
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By the way, I am using dpolls for this poll, which I wrote about here.

  • BB

    yup. we like RT irl.

  • Rich Apps Consulting

    Friendfeed is a great applications and I am sure that it will be the application of the year 2009.

  • Brian Roy

    You’ve gotten way too wrapped up in Micro-Messaging. That is only one small part of the Social Media “presence” of a person. FriendFeed wins because it Aggregates EVERYTHING a person shares across network/service.
    More here:

  • Karoli

    My only issue with the FriendFeed realtime feed as it is today is that I want to be able to either: a) filter it; or b) track key terms with it in addition to aggregating content. I’m struggling with how to keep the signal to noise ratio down to a manageable level while still engaging in discovery and conversation. Still, the real-time feature definitely moved FriendFeed from a simple aggregator/archive to a candidate for much more attention on a daily basis.

  • aj

    ffeed still alive…after facebook facelift…ffeed is kind of dead for me…haven’t used it since new fb home page

  • Edwin Khodabakchian

    Interesting post and concept. This real-time thing goes back to content push and reminds me of Netscape Netcaster. Do normal users really want push? Or is the ability to search by keyword and get a notification on the number of updates since the search was submitted (a la twitter search) the real killer application? It would be interesting to see how it will play out. If I had to put money on the table, I would bet on Twitter, because of its simplicity.

  • Karoli


    I agree with you about aggregation, but aggregation by itself is just another layer of stuff. I don’t need stuff in real time. So either i’m using it to discover new stuff, new people or new information.

    Until now, FriendFeed has been an aggregated archive for me. A way to track my lifestream and access something easily. The conversational aspect of friendfeed actually frustrated me because I never thought to check for comments on my stuff, figuring I’d see them in twitter or on my blog, or my Flickr photos, or whatever.

    The real-time incorporation causes me to look at it again as something more useful, but I still think tweaks need to be made, or 3rd parties need to build on their API for it to realize its potential.

  • Hamish MacEwan

    Push is a pretty broad church and a lot of technologies fit within its permeable walls. The kind of “push” users like is the one they control and this is what separates junk mail and telemarketing from XMPP and phone calls from friends.

    On the search side of microblogging I was surprised that people don’t perceive a gulf between and In the former you are reduced to paying excessive attention and reloading like a trained rodent while the latter produces a river of posts that you can pause or dip into at leisure. would be the behaviour of the latter with the configurability of the former. Rather like the FB live news, which is clever enough to pause automatically if you shift to another tab.

    I think Steve’s observations are very fair and it will be true for sometime that the rebel alliance will struggle to take share from the incumbent, who having built their market share and believing the network effects will shield them from consequences have dumped some countries out of the SMS club and removed features some consider essential.

    Of course the choir, who are generally those impatient with waiting for the proprietary “walled-garden-to-maximum-extent-without-pissing-off-too-many” to collapse, as it inevitably will, will move to laconica early.

    As for migrating more, Leo’s on, so that’s a few thousand twitter followers who know the option exisists, perhaps Scoble and/or Calacanis could make the move and that should set it on fire. But wait, as noted, premature success can burn down the house. Perhaps despite our excitement and appreciation of the benefits and inevitability, we ought to wait just until the house is in order before holding a real big housewarming.

    Friendfeed I too regard as an aggregator rather than an originator, its a choice embedded, or inherent, in the incorporation of other non-microblogging sites. Sure I feed, twitter, my blog, Google shared items, et al into FriendFeed, but I don’t post directly there much at all.

    FriendFeed is a “some assembly allowed” FaceBook, nothing like a microblog, IMHO.

    And even with an API, it’ll be the delay Steve identifies *into* Friendfeed that will render this irrelevant.

    I don’t think it will be sufficient of a draw to overcome the inertia, general satisfaction, buzz and market share that Twitter has assembled. It will need to be a very attractive proposition.

    But certainly raised the bar on, as far as i know… It’s a move I’d make.

  • mnvamsi

    Friend feed is a great website to get connected with friends and to share news.
    I get huge traffic from friend Feed.

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