Giving Away a Pass to SXSW

This year’s Austin, Texas South by Southwest Interactive Festival is being held from March 10-14. The five-day event is followed by a great film and music festival, and it should be a highly entertaining and useful experience for everyone interested in music, film and the Internet. I’ll definitely be attending.

I have a free pass to the interactive part of the conference to give away on TechCrunch (the registration fee is $300). Here’s how I am going to award the pass:

If you’d like it, please leave a comment to this post stating why you want to attend, and what you think you will gain from being there. Feel free to elaborate. There are no other rules (just make sure to use your real email address). I’ll leave this open until midnight California time on Tuesday, January 10, 2006. On Wednesday the 11th, I’ll set up a poll on TechCrunch (using dpolls or one of the other services mentioned in the comments to my profile of dpolls) with what I consider, in my sole discretion, to be the 5-7 most interesting and serious applications. I’ll run the poll until midnight Friday California time. Whoever wins the poll will win the SXSW registration. Please remember that this pass is for the conference only. You will still have to cover your own travelling and lodging expenses.