Dave Winer's Newest Adventure

Dave Winer announced today that he’s built a new RSS aggregator, built on his OPML editor platform. He’s released it to the OPML community for early testing.

Some details are here. The aggregator will have advanced podcasting/videocasting support and will also include a “reading lists” feature. The idea around reading lists is to allow people to subscribe to other people’s list of recommended feeds (in OPML format), and have those lists update as feeds are added or removed. Seems simple, but no one does it now.

The aggregator will be in the “river of news” format, as opposed to folder based like Bloglines. The reason? Dave likes it that way. I’ve argued with him over this issue but he assures me that he’s right. :-) Looks like Robert Scoble may agree. This is a matter of personal choice, of course.

I’m looking forward to testing this out and doing a full review.