Gravee Takes a New Approach to Search

Gravee soft launched tonight. It has an interesting business model. In addition to pulling in search results from Google, MSN and Yahoo (Alexa coming soon), Gravee also allows publishers to claim their site and, theoretically, get a piece of Gravee’s revenue.

Here’s how it works:

With Gravee’s AdShare program, when a user clicks an ad on Gravee, up to 70% of the ad revenue generated as a result is divided between the 10 sites included in the natural search results on the page (i.e. 70%/10 = 7% of ad revenue to each Web site on the page – for every ad that is clicked). Register your site now to start collecting your share of Gravee’s ad revenue.

Gravee also shares up to 35% of revenue with publisers that join their affiliate program and place their search box on their site. This will be an interesting way of driving traffic to their site.

Site claiming is done via whois information – meaning you must be in control of your domain name to claim the blog. Another way for them to accomplish this would be to ask the site owner to put a piece of code on her/his site, which I imagine they will add at some point.