GoodStorm's Feel Good Capitalism

Maybe it’s because it’s the holiday season, but it seems impossible to me not to like San Francisco-based GoodStorm. It’s a competitor to Kleiner-backed Zazzle, and CafePress – basically they let you set up shop and sell items with your logo on it.

As with all of these services, they do all the hard work – producing and shipping the item, and collecting the money. All the seller has to do is market the shop, set prices and collect their share of the money.

GoodStorm was founded by Yobie Benjamin and August Capital’s Andy Rappaport in October and launched on December 14, 2005 (there are good pictures of the team at that link as well). Their business model is designed to cater specifically to nonprofits. They keep only 30% of the profits on a sale (giving the rest to the seller), and also donate a portion of profits to charity. Like I said, it’s hard not to like this company.

Currently they are working with sellers one-one-one, but will eventually launch a self service store creator.

The company is built on the Drupal open source content management system. GoodStorm says they will be donating chunks of code back to the project as well.

Stefanie Olsen at CNET wrote about Goodstorm earlier this week and has additional information.