Podtranscript to Transcribe Podcasts

I’ve received dozens of follow up emails to a post I wrote last month called Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist). Today I saw another one, from Joe Mendoza, announcing the imminent launch of podtranscript, a service which will transcribe podcasts for publishers. This was no. 8 on my list.

Hi Michael,

I read your blog entry titled “Companies I’d like to profile (but don’t exist)”. In point number 8 you mentioned podcast transcription. I read that almost jumped out of my skin, I mean, it was sheer
co-incidence. Here, I just reserved a domain name www.podtranscript.com a week or two ago and was toying with the idea of launching a podcast transcription service, and almost out of the blue a mention of the concept is made in TechCrunch.

I am offering podcast transcription service from www.podtranscript.com. Right now we are not offering a fee based service. Instead we are offering a sample service where our visitor can request a transcription for a 15 minutes podcast, for free. The paid service will be launched soon.

I was thinking of hiring somebody to review and suggest a price for transcription, and I scrapped the idea after reading your blog :-). I went aheadand priced service at $10 for every 30 minutes of audio or video or both.

My site is at http://www.podtranscript.com


Joe Mendoza

Joe is following my recommendation (which I pulled out of thin air) and will charge $10 per half hour of audio or video. A key issue will be turnaround time – I’d be willing to pay premium for very quick transcriptions.

Podtranscript will join castingwords in a rush to see who will launch first with this business.