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Meebo (original profile) is clearly going to be raising venture capital and/or be acquired in the very near future. I spoke with Founder Seth Sternberg yesterday about site growth and he revealed some impressive stats.

Meebo is now averaging about 250,000 logins per day. On December 7, twelve weeks after launch, Meebo had 236,000 successful logins, 6,534,948 messages sent and approximately 13,069,896 total messages carried.

Meebo is also asking users where they use the product, and why. The results:

Where do you use meebo?

Work: 59.7%
School: 36.8%
Home: 30.0%
Internet Cafe: 7.3%

Why do you use meebo? (free form answers coded)

IM otherwise difficult / impossible to access: 33%
Web IM is better than software IM: 18%
meebo is easier: 11%

I knew something was up because of the rabid comments I’ve been receiving on my original Meebo post – mostly students begging to find a way around school-imposed blocking of the meebo site. Here’s just one example:

I am not able to use meebo.
I want to access yahoo and hotmail mails.Can you gibe an alternative site through i can check my mails.

I want it urgently.


I’ve seen passionate user comments like these before – talking about FaceBook.

Meebo’s competitors include Gtalkr and

  • Dave

    What do you think about the discussion of the onerousness of the EULA as it stands now. This seems exactly like your sort of thing to dig into.

  • Matt Williamson

    I see Chrome as the foundation for a whole new genre of application development for Google and its peers. Google now has a platform to base future development on, showing how it can be correctly when people complain about the divergent, disparate platforms that we call ‘web browsers’ today. The fact is that we now longer ‘browse’ web pages, but now we instantiate web sites which are in truth applications.

    Chrome is showing us that the ‘browser’ is the view into this new OS, and that the OS is the Internet. Not all of the separate web sites, but the combined mass of them, that we call the Web, with the capitol ‘W’.

  • Matt Williamson

    Interesting addendum:

    about:internets is awesome… almost an homage to MS Windows too…

  • scott

    > Chrome becomes the junction point between Mesh and App Engine

    Who is going to make this happen? I don’t see the appeal of such a proposition to developers, let alone to the respective platform vendors.

    More realistic is Android + Mobile Chrome dominating the mobile space to an extent that gives Google some leverage to make a real move into the desktop space with Desktop Chrome + Android plug-ins.

  • Sebastian

    Could you translate the second to last paragraph for the not-so-advanced? How do these three play together? Maybe a musical analogy?

  • Dan Kjaergaard

    Dear Steve,

    Could you please explain to me why bloggers (like yourself) are comparing Chrome to Windows?

    From my point of view, Chrome is a new application for accessing the internet. If I remove Windows, how would I run Chrome? Would my mouse work? Would my keyboard work? Would my printer work and would it sync my iPhone? Could I play a DVD?


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