Protopage v 2.0

Protopage launched version 2.0 of its Ajax desktop today. I previously profiled Protopage in August.

There are a number of new and interesting features, which are described in the Protopage blog. It continues to be extremely fast and easy to use.

Protopage was an earlyish entrant into the Ajax desktop market, which is now crowded with products like Netvibes, Google, Microsoft Live and Zoozio. Goowy is also a choice, of course, although they have chosen Flash over Ajax for their platform. Microsoft Live is the only extensible product, with a growing number of third party widgets available for use.

And there is yet another Ajax desktop product entering the market in the next few weeks that also has an open API for third party developers to add functionality. As I mentioned above, this is an extremely crowded market – with uncertain economics.