Boltfolio Launches – Share Any Media

I received scored of emails on “Comparing The Flickrs of Video” post last month from passionate users of various products as well as a number of stealth companies preparing for launch. One of the most interesting companies to launch in this space is New York based Boltfolio. Until recently, Boltfolio was unknown to me.

What I like best about Boltfolio is that they have unlimited storage and allow uploading of virtually any media file – photos, video and audio. Users should not have to go to multiple sites to upload different kinds of content.

They incorporate tagging to assist with search, and also have blogging and other tools to allow users to share content. They also allow for private and public settings on each piece of content.

This is another worthy addition to the exploding ranks of media storage and playback. I’ve said this before, but one of the key tools to getting power users is having a client-based uploading tool like flickr.