Riya's Launch Party @ TechCrunch

We reached a new milestone in our ongoing experiment to see how many people can fit inside my house before the police come and arrest me: over 250 last night (previous record was 200ish) at the Riya Launch Party.

The thing I liked best about this party was that Tara Hunt from Riya and Andrea Reinhardt from Just Starting Up took care of everything – Fifty something pizzas, 20 or more cases of beer, wine and champagne, bags and bags of ice, the A/V system for the demo and tons of tshirts and stickers. Tom Conrad from Pandora chipped in with a complete music system.

And it was a great crowd. My pictures from the event are here. Here’s everyone’s tagged “TechcrunchMeetup4“.

The rumors about a Google acquistion were neither confimed nor denied by anyone in the know…but there sure is a lot of buzz around this company right now.

Things I loved about the event:

  • Riya rocks and now even more people know about it
  • My Dad flew in for the party and saw what this web 2.0 stuff is all about (on left in picture)
  • My dog Laguna is still alive
  • As far as I know, Dorrian didn’t park in my yard this time
  • Lots of cool companies besides Riya came and showed their stuff in the demo room

Things that weren’t as great about the event:

  • Fifty something empty pizza boxes and 20 something cases of empty beer and wine bottles scattered around my lawn this morning
  • Somebody drank all of my scotch again :-)
  • The Atherton police set up a sobriety checkpoint around the corner from my house
  • Gabe, Richard, Fred and others were out of town and couldn’t make it

That’s it for parties this year. The next one should be in January or February. I can’t say what it is yet but I will say that it involves a launch party again…this time for a book.

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UPDATE 11/24/05: Enric has a video of Tara’s Riya demo up on his site.