Facebook Users sure are Passionate

Facebook is on a tear. There are rumors that their total page views will surpass some of the top internet sites in the next few months. 85%+ of all college students us it and 70% of them log in daily.

Somehow a post I wrote on Facebook back in September is the number two search result on Google for “Facebook” and the post is consistently one of the top three traffic generators for TechCrunch. The result is that the comments section of the post continues to attract college students leaving their thougths.

An early comment attacked Facebook, saying:

I think that the Facebook is worse than pornography. It’s all about sex, swearing and drinking. What kind of example is it setting to college students who’re supposed to be doing their work? Thanks to this nasty website, students now think that you gotta be drinking all the time to be cool.

Facebook users respond.

Interesting stuff going on out there on the internet.