Backbeat Podcast Network Launches

There’s a ton of podcasting news coming out. I’ll profile a couple of other companies tomorrow but I thought it was worth mentioning that BackBeat Media launched a podcast network today wi

Gtalkr, Flash + Gtalk

Gtalkr, a flash-based website to access Google’s Gtalk, launched yesterday. It allows you to access your Gtalk instant messaging account without a client, from any computer. Comparisons will ine Refines Features

Chris Pirillo’s continues to roll out new features weekly. They’ve also made a change to the URL structure for tag queries to become better indexed by search engines. This tag base

RSS is Now Integrated into Yahoo Mail and Alerts

Yahoo gathered a small group of bloggers, press and others at Sauce in San Francisco tonight to announce the launch of two new RSS products. They have integrated an RSS reader directly into Yahoo Mail

More on Songbird

Songbird replaced its landing page with a blog and is giving more information on the product (I had next to no details for my original Songbird post earlier this month). The site now has additional sc

Microsoft "Fremont" to Launch

Microsoft will be beta launching a new web 2.0 service under the brand in the next few weeks. The final name is TDB, but the current project name is “Fremont” and the URL fremont.

Intuit's Zipingo Joins Local Business Review Sites

Zipingo joins the ranks of local business review and ranking services such as Yelp, Judy’s Book (which just raised $8 million from Mobius Venture Capital, Ignition Partners and Ackerley Partners

23 is too much like Flickr

23 is a lot like flickr. Almost a clone, even down to the UI and feature comparisons. The service is free, for up to 15 MB of uploading a month. 29 EUR gets you an unlimited bandwidth account. The thi

Root.Net's "Lead" Market

I’m intruiged by Seth Goldstein’s, the first commercial application of the Attention Trust platform (see my Attention Trust posts here and here). Seth wrote a lengthy and descript

So what exactly is Renkoo?

Joyce Park’s Renkoo looks interesting. The Renkoo blog give a number of interesting feature hints. It looks to be an event/calendaring application, but it seems to include chat and other feature

Keep an eye on CollectiveX

CollectiveX, a new venture backed by serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Clarence Wooten, has put up a landing page and is taking requests for people interested in taking part in their early 20

Windows Live Email Service is a free new email service offered by Microsoft. It’s a simple but very useful tool. And, like Office Live, it is disruptive to the existing domain name registrar market (are t

Deep Web Search – Two Approaches

Silicon Beat had an interesting article about Palo Alto based Dipsie dCloak yesterday (press release), a product designed to help websites make their content more indexable by search engines. Much, if


NumSum isn’t new, but I hadn’t really played with it until today (it’s actually nice that things are slowing down for Thanksgiving, giving me time to check out stuff I’ve misse

Web 2.0 WorkGroup Now Has 20 Blogs

Richard MacManus, Fred Oliveira and I formed the Web 2.0 WorkGroup about a month and a half ago. We’ve now grown to twenty blogs: Category Sites Analysis & Trends Read/WriteWeb, Dion Hinchcl

Feedster Top 500 Update

Feedster has updated their Top 500 List of Blogs. Scott Johnson, Feedster’s CTO, writes about it here. The first list was published in August. The new list incorporates recent links and has chan

New Look At just put up a completely new site. Recent bookmarks on the left, popular bookmarks on the right. It’s about time. :-) Nice one, Joshua. Logged In: Logged Out: Thanks for the tip Bria

Companies I'd like to Profile (but don't exist)

There are companies I review every day that I don’t write about. Reasons vary – it’s been done already and the product isn’t even as good as what’s been done, its a mostl Out Of Beta

Matthew Mullenweg announced today that, the hosted (and free) (and extensible) version of WordPress is now available without an invite. I’ve created a test blog, and other than the

New Companies Will Be Built with SSE

Wow, am I excited this morning to see Microsoft announce Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE), which turns RSS bidirectional and which is released under the Creative Commons License. I wrote more about thi
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