Wow! rolls out more stuff

In addition to the robust and open search functionality released by earlier this week, there are at least two additional new features that are worth noting. I also have a few more thought on the search function below.

Media Player has built a media player directly into the site. If you find a link to a MP3 file, a small icon appears to the left of the bookmark that can be clicked to play the file. Try it out.

Tag Bundles

Tag Bundles are, effectively, tags of tags. This feature existed before, but it is now much easier to create and edit tag bundles with a simple click of tags.

The Search Engine

I’ve been using the search function a lot over the last few days. For certain searches, has far more relevant results than any other real time engine. The data isn’t necessarily deep, but the top result is super relevant. More on this (possibly) later, but may have just very quietly created the best (real time) search engine on the web.

One last thing. Someone pointed out to me recently that is now redirecting to The domain is registered under Joshua’s name. I think it’s a great move to obtain the domain, and I wouldn’t mind a re-brand with the new URL.