My New Blog

I’ve launched a new companion blog to TechCrunch called CrunchNotes. I wrote a longish introductory post describing exactly why it exists (and why TechCrunch exists), but here’s the essence:

So, why am I starting CrunchNotes? The main reason is that I find that sometimes, I want to talk about more than just new companies and products. Sometimes I have something to say about what’s going on in the blogosphere or the world. Sometimes I want to link to something interesting another blogger has written, but which has nothing to do with new companies. I found that doing that on TechCrunch tends to dilute the core value of that blog.

Yeah, I just quoted myself. Sorry. It won’t happen again.

If you are interested in reading CrunchNotes, here’s the feed:

Thanks to Fred Oliveira, who designed CrunchNotes (and TechCrunch).