Ma.gnolia: More Social Bookmarking

I’m looking forward to seeing what ma.gnolia is all about. It appears to be a social bookmarking service with a twist of some sort. I hope its a good twist because this space is getting a bit crowded to say the least.

Ma.gnolia describes itself as “Found is the New Search” and “Social Bookmarking to build an information community online”, adding:

What you mark in Ma.gnolia not only stays found but keeps coming back to you as your interests change. That’s our pitch, plain and simple, and it’s why we say that found is the new search.

If you’d like to be one of the first to see exactly what we mean, just enter your email below. You’ll be notified of our launch and become one of the first members of the Ma.gnolia community, where we believe you’ll discover the new evolution in growing and sharing information across town or across the globe. You may even be invited to participate in Ma.gnolia’s December 2005 Beta Launch.

They promise a beta in December 2005. I’m skeptical of companies that continue to launch with these domain name abominations (dropping vowels, using random ccTLDs and lots of extra dots), but if the service rocks, I will forgive all. Early buzz sounds promising.