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Company: PreviewSeek
Launched: August 2005
Status: Angel Funding
Location: London, UK

PreviewSeek is a new London-based search engine created by Chris Hong that is very quietly impressing people with a number of innovating features.

Basic search results are great but nothing to get overly excited about. The useful features include disambiguation of queries (are you searching for “apple” the fruit, or “apple” the computer”?), preview of search pages (think Browster), and better refining of searches.

Understanding Your Query

PreviewSeek does a good job at attempting to determine meaning from a query. Type in “Java” and you get a result set with a numer of options for the query, including the island, the programming language, and even the coffee.

Preview Results

This is my favorite feature. PreviewSeek allows you to preview search results in much the same way as Browster (our profile), except without the download and the ads. It’s a great way quickly scan results without actually clicking away from previewseek.

Search Refinement

For any given query PreviewSeek will suggest a number of refinement options on the left sidebar, which greatly assist in drilling down on a particular search.

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  • semtooolsgooroooo

    Marketo and Magnify 360 seem very different, there are some other puny, fairly inconsequential players in this space too, like Adapt SEM and Keywordmax who are simply vapor ware (meaning they dont do enough to be considered sufficient tools) I tend to trust the bigger solutions ( Have done great for my team) the only contenders i see that might crack this space are Kenshoo and Acquisio ( Acquisio, I’m looking at you, (currently using searchforce) I do like the behavioral targeting platform magnify pitches…though i think its very nich application oriented. As a large Agency type I need solution(s) that are versatile and robust feature sets. I’d like to see who will be at SES next week, that should seperate the contenders from the weak links. I wonder how long some of those pathetic companies can ride he Venture Capital Express before being shuttered?? even marketo’s performance seems dismal, only 60 clients since march, what are they selling this 1 client per week? I think there ‘was’ so much venture capital in this space that there was no sense of ‘what would/will work’ rather lofty dreams and unrealistic expectations of market share and huge SaaS presence! Sorry…I dont see it…back to reviewing screenshots of Kenshoo, ( so far,, wow, Those Israelis know what they are doing! ) I wonder if they will put together a SMB solution even 1/2 as feature rich as their present platform, if they do they have my 50k/month spend!


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