Dave Winer Joins Web 2.0 WorkGroup

I am very pleased to announce that TheTwoWayWeb, written by Dave Winer, has joined our Web 2.0 WorkGroup. See our introduction to the workgroup here.

TheTwoWayWeb is one of Dave’s blogs where he writes longer, essay style posts on web 2.0 topics. Unlike Scripting News, Dave allows comments and trackbacks on this site. It is an excellent resource for web 2.0 thinking and news.

From the about page:

The Two-Way-Web is a vision for the Web as an easy writing and publishing environment. It’s not a new idea, in fact it’s the original vision of the Web as defined by its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee who said in December 1997: “The intuitive editing interfaces which make authoring a natural part of daily life are still maturing.”

Most of the other companies interested in these technologies want to build a network of money, goods and services. I applaud this, but this is not my goal. I want to turn the Web into a powerful and easy to use writing environment.

Welcome, Dave!

UPDATE: Richard “yeaaah” MacManus and Fred Oliveira write on this too. Richard includes a picture from dinner (larger version of the one to the left).