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There is buzz that Microsoft and Yahoo will announce tomorrow that their instant messaging clients will beome interoperable. The catalyst seems to be the surge in Skype and Google Talk usage. Together MSN and Yahoo account for 44% of total IM usage today (not counting Skype and Google), and reach about 33.5 million monthly unique users.

UPDATE: This rumor was confirmed this morning via a Yahoo press release. The companies announced that interoperability for their 275 million combined customers will occur around Q2 2006. Hey, how about NOW? :-)

  • till

    Man, I got confused how you cut from Microsoft to IBM to Google back to Microsoft and then to Delta. When you wrote, “two reasons”, I’d call that an understatement.

    Anyway, back to Linux – look at Ubuntu. It works for many people. And honestly, people don’t care if they use Windows, Mac or Linux. They just want every file they get to open and display right.

    And I think we are almost there – well maybe some of those darn XLS’ are still an issue so let’s hope this initiative can tackle this problem and embrace OPEN standards, and then it will work.

    And cut IBM some slack. They are big, and they are slow. :) They are doing a lot in the “open” space though. It’s not all proprietory. It’s just not as easy to move in it when you are a giant of a company.

  • Avatar

    Totally agree. with the advent of Microsoft new hosted services, Software plus services strategy using Office Live for Office and the yet to come Silverlight 3.0 (more than likely since it will bring AIR and Google Gears like functionality from what it is known) powered Live Office Suite this so called “pact” will be like shooting rubber bullets to a armored car. what would be the point of that?.

  • Nick W

    It’s all a bit cloak and dagger, and I had to read it twice but wow, IBM must be really pissed at this..

    Thanks Steve, great job!

  • More Cowbell and the Art of Shin She

    My take: IBM, king of porting applications (a first level requirement for any product there) re-announced that they ported to Linux. It was done along time ago. Hell, they had Notes working on a Posix kernel in 1997. No big whoop.

    My guess: 1. Ray Ozzie and the band will give us Groove on steroids operating within a browser. This will include video players, presentation tools, a word processor, all based on XML, XAML, etc.

    2. Google will create fud with lots of new stuff like they always do yet still rely upon advertising revenue to fund everything.

    3. Corporate America will continue not to trust OpenSource and Linux except for continual testing – just in case something good comes out.

  • Jeff

    I fear that you are giving the corporate/enterprise market far too much credit. These large corporate environments are mostly still run by the same class of “old generation” hairballs that are running IBM. It is going to take forever for large (and multi-national) corporates to start trusting their data to generic hosting environments that are run externally – no matter who is running them (MS, IBM, Google, etc.). Open-source has been around for a lot longer than cloud computing and even with analysts like Gartner, Forrester (whom enterprises seem to trust) vouching for open-source based strategies, it still is taking forever for the enterprise environment to adapt.
    On the other hand – I agree that the “Microsoft-free” approach has little chances of success as well. Overall, the status-quo is the preferred comfort zone for the majority of large corporate environments – which means Windows, MS Office, Exchange/Lotus Notes, etc.

  • Sally

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