Yahoo Blog Search Launched

Yahoo released a blog search product tonight at 7 pm. John Battelle had the scoop.

Unlike their podcasting product, released last night, the blog search product is not much more than a quick add-on to Yahoo News. Frankly, I am more than disappointed.

Instead of launching a stand alone property, Yahoo has integrated blog search into Yahoo News. Blog search results are presented on the right side of normal results, in a side-bar type area. For an example, see this search on “Web 2.0”.

I’ve inserted a big red arrow and blew up the image to more than twice the size we normally use so that you can actually see the results in the right area of the page.

Yahoo has also integrated Flickr and My Web 2.0 results. It’s unclear how relevant the results are but at first glance there is significant room for improvement. I am finding the UI completely unusable.