The Web 2.0 WorkGroup

There are a number of weblogs that I read religiously – of the 400+ feeds that I read, there are 15 or so that I check multiple times a day for new content.

Two of those blogs are Richard MacManus’ ReadWriteWeb and Fred Oliveira’s WeBreakStuff.

Richard and Fred write blogs that are very complimentary to TechCrunch. While we generally focus on new companies, Richard analyzes trends in the new web and Fred focuses on design, usability and development. To get an overall view of the space, I highly recommend reading all three blogs.

Today we’ve formed a loose alliance. You’ll see a “web 2.0 workgroup” logo on the left sidebar of this page – it links to a landing page – On that page we have links to all three blogs, along with recent posts and our feed information.

We will be adding additional blogs over time. This is not a blog network or anything formal. We just like the idea of coordinating our ideas a little more closely.

Richard and Fred have also become good friends. Richard, who’s from New Zealand, has come to the U.S. for the first time to attend the Web 2.0 conference last week, and he’s been staying at my house while he’s here. Fred, who’s from Portugal, is also staying here while he works on our edgeio project.