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Yahoo just launched a comprehensive podcasting search, directory and listening service called Yahoo Podcasts (URL will be working in the next couple of hours). John Furrier at nailed this story and has posted an exclusive podcast with Geoff Ralston, Yahoo’s Chief Product Officer.

John has also posted the transcript of the interview below the podast link. Geoff has some interesting things to say:

Geoff Ralston – Yahoo’s Chief Product Officer:

We want this to be as open as possible on both ends. We want to work with every device – however a user of Yahoo podcasts wants to consume their podcast, wherever they want to do it, whatever device, and on whatever jukebox. We’re going to work with them (jukeboxes) and we’re going to work with as many standards as possible using standard pcast format to integrate with a jukebox. You can listen to podcasts right on your computer, or you can listen to it right on the web itself. On the other end, we want to be as comprehensive as possible. If you have a podcast we’re going to find you, and if we haven’t found you then you can come to our website and give us your RSS feed and we’ll get it into our index within 24 hours.

I spoke to John to get more information. He says that Yahoo will be issuing a press release shortly.

It’s very interesting and very cool that Yahoo did an exclusive podcast prior to issuing a press release. Right on!

UPDATE: Yahoo Podcasts is now live.

  • Michael Pinto

    Your dead on with this article: I think that G3 subsidy is going to keep them ahead of the pack. Although on a personal note I wish there was something like HyperCard for iPhone development – something to allow non-programmers to create apps. Having Flash would help in that dept. although I’d have to agree with you that it hasn’t held back the iPhone one tiny bit.

  • Bjorn Tipling

    Wow great article. I should maybe start subscribing to this blog on Bloglines. :P

  • Bjorn Tipling

    This is actually the best article on the iphone I have read yet.

  • Karoli

    You are so good at seeing through the smoke and past the mirrors that it scares me sometimes. This all makes perfect sense in a weird, Web 2.0 kind of way.

  • Nick W

    Steve, I so appreciate these Saturday morning (for me) essays! Thanks so much.

    It’s amazing how when Jobs puts a “stranglehold” on an industry we all applaud it. I do applaud it, and I hope he really does force the mobile web to be all it promises to be without this awful carrier mess we have now.

    For the record, I’ve never even experienced true mobile web, living out in the country in Denmark, but I’m moving back to the UK in 3 weeks and a brand new iPhone has been prioritized above food and clean drinking water….

  • Francine hardaway

    If you flip this, you can say that Jobs also saved AT&T’s ass by dragging it into the 21st century and giving it a reason to roll out 3G. AT&T was known as a crummy network until Apple forced it to get better. The area I live in has better AT&T reception than it had just a year ago. Can you hear me now?

  • Andy Abramson


    The iPhone works fine with outbound VoIP. Truphone’s quality and mimicking of the interface for calling makes it easy to use. For transparency purposes we are Truphone’s agency.

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