Writeboard Launches But Needs Feature Upgrades

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Service: Writeboard
Company: part of 37signals
Launched: October 2, 2005

37signals (creators of backpack, basecamp, etc.) launched Writeboard, an application to build sharable text documents online, today (Jason Fried’s post is here).

It’s a nice collaboration tool, but recently released products such as writely and jotspot live have much richer feature sets.

Writeboard, which is free, allows a user to create a new document very quickly, password protect it, and add users who can edit the document.

Unlike competitive solutions, you must use a special markup language to format text (no wysiwyg), you cannot upload images, and there is no ajax or other functionality to move content around on the page. It is also a little buggy – comments are not showing up at all on our test page. Frankly, if it wasn’t 37signals, who generally create awesome applications, we would not be profiling it yet.

However, our guess is that they will be adding functionality quickly. We are also looking forward to the launch of Chalk.

SolutionWatch has posted a thorough review of Writeboard.

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  • Andy Kind

    Did they just raise their prices? http://www.jira.com/ shows $50/user/month…

  • http://www.stylefeeder.com/ phil

    Contegix is awesome. They do things the right way and have rockstar sysadmins on hand 24×7. No, they’re not paying me to say this :) We rely on them to keep StyleFeeder in good shape.

  • http://atlassian.com/ Nicholas Muldoon [Atlassian]

    @Andy Kind

    Nope, pricing has not changed. JIRA Studio pricing is $50/user/month until you reach 100 users. Volume discounts come into effect after 100 users.

  • Andy Kind

    I was really excited when I read in the article “Pricing is set at $25 per user per month, available in blocks of five licenses (so $2500 per annum). Bulk pricing rates are available beyond 100 users.” — that’s much more in reach for a startup. So is the article wrong?

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