Speaking of loops: Slide

Company: Slide
Launched: 2005
Location: San Francisco

Everybody wants to get media distribution done right. Slide and Filmloop both tackle the problem through a desktop application that is constantly updated with media items, scrolling to your hearts content. Contrary to Filmloop that is in closed Beta, Slide is out there and we’ve seen it for ourselves at our last barbecue.

Slide I’ll be honest about it and say I saw both applications (Slide and Filmloop) as yet-another set of applications that sit on your desktop taking screen real-estate showing you pictures (by now you’ve figured I don’t use the Dashboard Slideshow widget on my mac, I bet). After seeing slide in action, though, I actually liked it.

Slide allows you to subscribe to content feeds by selected publishers or by your friends. This means that slide can become a useful tool on the job if you need to monitor graphical data, or it can be fun with your family if you want to keep watching new pictures from your loved ones. Me, I prefer the first. Initially I thought of a couple of applications, like monitoring webcams, graphical data or watching other kind of dataset that can be expressed through pictures. Then there’s the novelty uses like delivering music to selected people, etc.

All in all, even if you don’t like when things take some desktop space, you may find some of Slide’s capabilities interesting enough to give it a try, so go download it and try it for yourself.

TechCrunch channel on slide:

I almost forgot that there’s now a TechCrunch channel for Slide, so if you want to subscribe to it, click here and the Slide guys will take care of the rest for you. Sadly at the time of this writing there’s no MacOSX version so I can run it on my own machine, but we have it running on our demos machine in the living room. Nicely done!