PubSub's List of Most Influential Blogs

PubSub (profile) has been experimenting with blog stats recently (see their pubstats page). Zachary Rodgers reported earlier today that PubSub has released it’s newest stats tool – a list of the top 1,000 most influential blogs.

The PubSub LinkRanks 1000 is a list of the most consistently influential sites that publish feeds, based on their average LinkRank scores over the past 30 days. To create this list, we’ve averaged the daily LinkRanks of over 16 million sources. We’ve also included a 15-day average as well as each site’s current LinkRank as additional points of comparison.

PubSub also says “LinkRanks is PubSub’s method of measuring the strength, persistence, and vitality of links appearing in over 16 million sources that PubSub monitors.”

Robert Scoble says “Ahh, more fun with blog search ahead!

The lists includes 15 and 30 day trailing data for each blog, current rank and percentile and a link to site stats (example – techcrunch).