Send Voice Messages with Slawesome

Service: Slawesome
Launched: September 24, 2005
Creator: Babak Nivi
Location: San Francisco

Slawesome, which demo’d at the TechCrunch Meetup last Thursday, is a neat tool for recording and sending voice messages via email.

Unlike vemail, slawesome does not require a download. And unlike Springdoo, Slawesome is free.

Once you’ve registered, you can record a message of up to 2 minutes and send it to any number of email addresses. A link to the file is included in the email. At this time there is no functionality for downloading the sound file.

Messages are archived and can be set to private or public status.

This is a young, raw service, but worth trying.

Disclaimer, Fred Oliveira, one of the TechCrunch editors (and site designer), worked on Slawesome.