TailRank – A Tool for the Long Tail

TailRank just released an alpha product for their new analytics service.

My understanding is that it is a personalized search/recommendation/ranking engine for the long tail of blog content.

Kevin Burton (co-founder of Rojo), is TailRank’s founder and writes about the launch on his blog (subscribe to this blog if you haven’t).

TailRank is a next-generation weblog ranking system which takes into consideration a lot of lessons learned from other Web 2.0 products and services. Needless to say I’m really excited! I love my job and there’s a lot of innovation in this space right now.

We’re still in early alpha development mode and still building out a team. Things are going well and everyone I’ve pitched seems really excited.

I hope to have a public release in a few weeks but feel free to register for a beta account and we’ll send you out something as soon as possible. I’ll obviously be talking about TailRank a lot on my blog in the coming weeks so feel free to subscribe.

Kevin will be demo’ing the product at the TechCrunch Meetup tomorrow.