Welcome to the new server

If you’re a regular at Techcrunch you have probably been wondering why the site has been so slow lately. With the growing number of readers we’ve been having, the site has been getting massive ammounts of traffic and the server we were on wasn’t enough to hold everybody. So, in order to better serve you, we just changed servers and are now feeling much better.

The new machine is a Quad Xeon with enough ram to hold everybody and their friends in, and hosted at Dreamhost (affiliate link – click here if you want to visit dreamhost without using our affiliate code) that are really good with keeping their clients informed of the status of things. Plus, they’re super friendly and have a blog in order to be transparent with their clients.

So anyway, this isn’t major news. If you’re seeing this news post you’re now looking at the new server and that means you’ll be much better served from now on when it comes to browsing Techcrunch. If you have any problems with the page thought, feel free to email us and let us know. Thank you.