Web 2.0 This Week (September 11-17)

Web 2.0 This Week
September 11-17

What a week! Skype gets acquired, Google launches RSS search and del.icio.us turns two. Lots of good web 2.0 stuff below.

TechCrunch has moved from our offices in Los Angeles to Atherton, right in the heart of silicon valley. We had a TechCrunch Meetup/bbq at our house/office in Atherton on Thursday and will have another one this Thursday, September 22, from 5 pm to about 10 pm (although last week I had to kick people out at 2 am). It’s an open event with lots of entrepreneurs and VCs attending. Invitation post and wiki will be up no later than Tuesday. But keep you calendars open.

1. Recent TechCrunch Profiles

Listal, SoloSub, Fooky, Feedburner (update), Feedster (update), Wikipedia (update), Facebook, WSFinder, Microsoft, Skype (update), Searchfox, Zimbra, Juicy Fruit, Google Blog Search, Meebo, Yahoo Instant Search, Last.fm, Loomia (update), NetVibes, Odeo (update), Pluck (update), Flock (update), Measure Map (update), Memeorandum

2. eBay Buys Skype

eBay acquited Skype for $4.1 billion last week (including earn outs). The eBay analyst call discussing the transaction has been recorded and is available here, and the associated power point is here.

3. Google Launched Blog Search

Google launched a blog search engine to mixed reviews. See our profile here.

4. Del.icio.us Turns Two

Joshua Schachter’s Del.icio.us turned two years old last week. Congratulations!

5. Yahoo Instant Search

Yahoo released a beta version of Instant Search last week, which uses ajax to instantly show relevant results based on your search query. Our Profile is here.

6. Microsoft will/will not win the Web

Molly Holzschlag writes a lively post responding to Steve Ballmer’s statements in a Business Week article that Microsoft will “win the web”.

We won the desktop. We won the server. We will win the Web. We will move fast, we will get there. We will win the Web.

Molly writes that Mr. Ballmer’s attitude is “deplorable” and says:

The Web belongs to everyone. The Web’s core vision and value is to be platform independent. Microsoft has no right to think it can win a tool that is for the people, of the people, and ultimately – by the people.

The comments to her post are great as well.

7. Subscribe to this blog

Richard MacManus, who writes the excellent Read/WriteWeb blog, recently started a ZDNet blog called Web 2.0 Explorer. It’s a must read. His introductory post on web 2.0 is here.

8. Ending on a light note

This has been all over the blogospere this week, but I think the first to post it was Seth Levine (borrowing it from the New Yorker).

To me, this is a handy reminder not to take ourselves too seriously as bloggers. Woof!