FeedBurner's New Design

Last week, FeedBurner announced a significant redesign of their site. I didn’t post on it right away because the basic stats functionality remains the same.

People are generally quite happy with the change. And I have to say FeedBurner is one of my favorite tools – without it I would have a very difficult time understanding how much of our traffic was coming through our RSS feed.

Overall, however, though I don’t think the redesign was a success. I am finding that I am clicking (and waiting) much more often than I was previously to find the stats I care about (24 hour recap and item readership stats). Too much information is available only through secondary pages. A better information architecture would make that information more readily available.

I also think the site is a full generation behind the state of the art – adding ajax would speed things up somewhat and significantly reduce necessary clicks and refreshes. Some of the applications I am beta testing quite frankly make FeedBurner look very bad in comparison.

fiftyfoureleven has additional thoughts as well.

I am a big fan of FeedBurner, so take this criticism very lightly. 99% of what they do, they do extremely well, and frankly that is (mostly) all that matters.

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