Organize Your Stuff With Listal

Company: Listal
Launched: August 29, 2005? (based on earliest date in forum)
Creator: Tom Mascord
Location: UK (based on whois information)


Listal is a very early beta product that allows you to catalog, tag and share your physical media. At this point it is free.

While functionality is currently limited (heck, it’s only a few days old), the site clearly anticipates upcoming features and it looks like it can become quite useful. Since there are limited solutions for organizing physical media using your computer, I like where this is going.

Once you’ve registered, you can tell it the books, music, movies and games (physical media) you own. There is also a nice ajax interface to tag items and rate them. Your listal stuff is public – ours is at For now, there is no way to make any part of the list private.


Features include:

  • Add products via search, amazon ASIN number or ISBN (for books)
  • Group items with custom themed lists
  • Tag items
  • Rate Items
  • Add Wanted Items
  • Write and read reviews of items

Delicious Monster

I also want to mention a wonderful and similar product called Delicious Monster (Mac-only and not browser-based, you have to download software). In addition to an award winning design, DM also allows users to simply point a digital video camera at any bar code and capture the media information without typing a single thing in.

Delicious Monster launched in November 2004 and racked up sales of $250k in its first month (the product is $40). It is also (or was) headquarted in a Seattle coffee house.

If Listal can become as good as Delicious Monster, they’ll have something.

Additional Reading

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