Kiko – Ajax + Calendar

Company: Kiko
Launched: August 31, 2005
Location: Cambridge, MA.


Online calendar solutions are launching quite regularly now – see Trumba and Hula for examples.

But while Trumba is charging $40 a year, and Hula is an open source project, not an application that we can just use, Kiko seems to be free, simple to use, and ajax based. At least, I can’t find anything on the site referring to a fee.

I haven’t been able to test the product because when I try to create a user account a I get an error, and the demo link on the home page doesn’t seem to work. Since they launched only yesterday, perhaps they are getting a bit more traffic than they expected.

When it’s working and/or I’ve had a chance to talk to the founders, I’ll write a full review.

For now, Kiko promises to work like a “native application” – click, drag, drop, etc., and to put everything you need on a single page dashboard.


  • Click On Anything – Everything is interactive. Right click it, drag it – it all works the way you expect from a native application.
  • Everything’s On One Page – Manage your groups, view your calendar, and create and tag your appointments all from one page.
  • Be Soothed By Kiko’s Pleasant Colors – Pastels are good for the soul.

They also promise future functionality that includes import/export functionality to iCal and Outlook, and mobile versions.

Marc Hedlund also wrote about Kiko. Thanks for Ivan Pope at FeedNation for emailing me about this.