Profile – Vemail

Service: Vemail
Company: NCH Swift Sound
Download Link: Here
Location: Australia


Vemail is a cool little (234k download) voice-2-email application for windows machines. There aren’t many features, but it does what it does well.

Once you install and launch the application, you simply type in an email address (no support for multiple emails), hold the F6 button and talk. If you have a microphone, it will record what you say, and once you let F6 go, it will email the file as a sound file to the selected email address.

I did a quick test email and sent it to myself. A 14 second message was only a 23k wave file, emailed to me with the subject line “Vemail Voice Message� (note that you cannot change the subject line of the email).

The quality was great, the file size was manageable and overall it worked as promised. It is also free, which we approve of greatly. Try it out, and drop us a voice message at

Compare this service to Springdoo, which we profiled on July 27, 2005. Note that Springdoo is located in New Zealand, and Vemail is Australian. We like the rivalry. :-)

We also hear whispers that Nivi may be coming out with something somewhat similar, but much more interesting, in the near future.

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