Update – Del.icio.us (search & recommend)

Company: Del.icio.us
Previous Posts: July 10, 2005 and June 16, 2005


Del.icio.us, a social bookmarking service (see previous profiles above), launched two new important features recently – Recomendations and Search.

Both of these features are much needed tools to help users find tagged URIs. These tools will greatly assist users in researching related tags and to find good, related content to stuff they are interested in.


Josh released a recommendation tool a few days ago:

people who like recommendations also like…

We’ve released the new recommendation engine. If you have more than ten urls saved in a tag, you will be offered several urls as well as other people’s tags that the system thinks you will be interested in. The URL pages also now offer the chance to see other related URLs.

If you are on a particular del.icio.us user page (del.icio.us/username/tag), there is a link to see “recommended” tags that other people have used. This information is extremely useful in researching specific tags and how other people are tagging similar URIs. Related URL’s are also recommended in the URL page of a bookmark.

Brian Del Vecchio (good screen shots), Library Clips and Saurier Duval also write about this.


Josh released search a few hours ago:

search me

I’ve released a simple implementation of search across all users. If you are logged in, hit “search” and then be sure you check off “entire site.”

This has been a badly needed service and others have tried to fill the void while Josh built it. There is now a search bar at the top of your personal Del.icio.us page (you must be logged in), and you can search your own tags or click “search entire site” and get tag results across all users. I’ve tested it out and it works very well.

I’m not sure if the new search feature allows searching of multiple tags – an attempt gave me an internal server error. This is an important feature to be able to filter results accross multiple tags.

I’m hoping he adds a feed link for results in the very near future.