Update – Browster (Firefox surging ahead)

Company: Browster
Previous Profiles: July 13, 2005 & August 3, 2005

Scott Milener, the CEO of Browster, just left a very interesting comment on our last Browster posting. After supporting Firefox for only a couple of weeks (actually, about a week), it accounts for 1/3 of total downloads:

thanks for posting and for the kind words about Browster. We’re really happy to be supporting Firefox. We’re now getting requests for Browstr on all platforms and all browsers – lots to do!

interestingly our Firefox install numbers are already 1/3 of our installs (thousands per day). it’s that kind of acceptance that helps drive the Firefox community and companies like ours to support the platform. please drop me a line with any thoughts about improvements or any other ideas.

Scott Milener